The Vessel of Your Dreams from Experienced Hands

Sailfish Boats Oy was founded in the year 2000 to offer high-quality boats for demanding customers. The design and high-quality craftsmanship used in building the Sailfish  boats comes from decades of seafaring experience of its founders. As a weathered sailor, Sailfish Boats’ owner Åke Björklund knows what a boat should be like. His dreams, decisiveness and skills brought about the Sailfish. All Sailfish boats are built by hand from beginning to end, ensuring the tenacity and durability as well as the finished look of the boats. The principle is to build top-notch products of carefully considered details.

Top-of-the-line Characteristics for Smooth Cruising

Sailfish boats are among the most seaworthy and safe vessels in their category. All models have a steep 21 degree V-shaped bottom, which ensures a smooth cruising experience even in rougher seas. The excellent sliding characteristics of the hull combined with a powerful engine help the boat to reach the speed of up to 40 knots. Cruising speed is easily 20–30 knots. The Sailfish lifts onto a stable plane even at the lowest speeds which significantly improves passengers view from the cabin and enhances boating comfort in every way. The directional stability and the hold of the aft are excellent. The fuel consumption of Sailfish 26 with a 225 hp diesel engine at the speed of 25 knots is about 1,1 litres / nautical mile. Low fuel consumption makes boating more economic but also environmentally friendly. Another environmentally feasible feature is that the service interval of the boats is long. Sailfish boats make little noise even at higher speeds.

Solution for Demanding Conditions

The driving characteristics of Sailfish boats have been designed for the very demanding conditions of the northern waters. By being prepared for any weather, the designers of Sailfish have wanted to lengthen the boating season comfortably and safely. The conditions of early spring and late autumn, where deck surfaces may often be slippery, have been taken into consideration in the structures and solutions of the boat. Great effort has been put into creating elegant but functional interiors. The high quality of the interiors reflects the same standard that is found in the technical solutions. Fine wood is used in much of the interior. The fabrics used in the interior are of high-quality, durable and dirt-repellent. The designs of the fabrics and the wood material are chosen by the customer.

Customized Solutions

All Sailfish boats are made by hand-laminating to ensure the best durability. The manufacturing process is flexible so that the customers can participate in the design and building of their boats. This ensures a personalized boat built and equipped to meet the demands of its owner. All Sailfish boats have a CE certificate for class C. Sailfish Boats Oy works in close cooperation with others in the boat sector and is a member of Finnboat.