Family Cruiser Sailfish 26F with a closed driving cabin is a comfortable travel boat of high quality. This seaworthy boat has excellent sliding characteristics and equipped with a powerful engine it reaches a cruising speed of over 30 knots. Sailfish 26F has been designed for the versatile needs of leisure cruising people. Its functional spaces, highquality materials and reasonable fuel consumption make it a sensible choice for boat lovers. In Sailfish 26F, the toilet has been placed inside the boat, in the back of the cabin, a fact that improves travel comfort.

Shuttle Boat Sailfish 26C is a versatile and comfortable boat that makes a perfect shuttle boat. Loading the boat is easy through the fore hatch which is sufficiently spacious. The boat is reliable and seaworthy. The excellent driving characteristics of the hull and the performance level of the engine guarantee safety even in bad weather. Typical of shuttle boats, the toilet has been placed in the fore of the boat. If needed, the Sailfish 26C can also serve as a travel boat, since it has 2 + 2 berths, the same as the Sailfish 26F.

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